Our Story

No More Embarrassing First Impressions. No More Poo Anxiety. Be Liberated With Wabi Whiffs! 

We all poo, some more than others and some more stinky but that doesn’t mean we can’t poo happy.

Wabi Whiffs® fizzing Toilet Sprinkles, Love Bombs & TooT Sprays were created by my sister Debbie and I because of Debbie’s relentless gut health issues, gall bladder removal and poo anxiety that hindered her normally sociable spirit. I wanted to use my love of science and product development to give Debbie her freedom and life back. 

Inspired by our favorite childhood science project, the “exploding volcano”, I used the effervescing lava concept to spread the fragrant natural essential oils over the toilet water to propel the fragrance quickly. Wanting to make an unpleasant experience fun we added cosmetic grade color and biodegradable glitter to ensure you Poo Happy and rescue those too shy to poo.  Innovative, fun, septic safe tiny but mighty odor eliminators keep you the Boss of your No.2 so you can reign proudly over your throne privately, even in shared spaces. 

We've said good-bye to years of lighting matches and courtesy flushing. Now, it’s your turn...

Wabi Whiffs means “Beautiful Whiffs” coming from the Japanese word Wabi to embrace beauty’s imperfections. So, Love Your Badass. Be good to it even when it's naughty. After all, our Badass can’t always be perfect but we can embrace our imperfections.


Donna & Debbie

Return/ Refund Policy

Returns are allowed within 30 days of purchase. 

Please email for areturn authorization. 

Returns must contain equal to or greater than 80% of product beingreturned.  Returns that adhere to our Return Policy will be refunded thepurchase price minus shipping.  Customer is responsible for returnshipping and we suggest return via trackable common carrier.

Color Disclaimer:

While colors will vary from batch to batch, our commitment to yourBadass will never waiver.